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Section 1.
How to obtain the book + general information regarding the book and the author.

Section 2.
Necessary book corrections regarding the Jews of the Bible.

Section 3.
The Book's Table of Contents.


Section 1.


Israel Oh Israel Where Art Thou?  

Published 2008

A very good book dealing with End Time Prophecy also called dispensational eschatology. *

Several pages of this web site, and numerous paragraphs (after necessary editing), have come from information gathered or gleaned from this book.

Israel oh Israel Where Art Thou contains good information regarding how the current teachings of modern Israel and Jews have become a main focal point of the false theology of what is commonly called End Time Prophecy or dispensational eschatology. Moreover, when the truth regarding the Jews of the Bible is known, much of this false End Time Prophecy teaching unravels and falls apart.

However, this book also includes some of the same errors, regarding who the Jews of the Bible actually were, that are commonly embraced by many in the Western Christian Church. After learning this, the author considered destroying the remaining books. We felt that would have been a mistake as the book still contained valuable information once the relativity few errors were addressed.

Copies are still available and one will be mailed, free of charge, to anyone wishing to receive one (Free to United States and Canadian mailing addresses only).

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One book per U.S. mailing address. Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing and delivery. 

Note: In keeping with our intention to keep the site as free from personal recognition as possible, the author's name is not being included here.

*(Dispensational Eschatology is the name give to the theology of End Time Prophecy as it is dispensed over a period of time)


Section 2. Errors - Corrections.

Israel Oh Israel Where Art Thou?

Many of these corrections are minor and therefore may seem trivial, however, truth can become greatly distorted as numerous small errors compound and multiply.

Errors - Corrections:

The Cover Picture:

Christianity did not grow out of Judaism as the cover appears to illustrate. Christianity is the fulfillment of God's symbolic Old Testament Law not the perversion of the Law commonly known as Judaism.

Chapter 1 - Page 17, fourth sentence:

The word Jewish should be removed from the sentence which reads; "God's Old Covenant Jewish age......."

Chapter 2 - Page 20, third sentence, first bullet point, after the word lineage:

Add "as the Bible traces lineage."

Chapter 5 - Page 31, Line 8:

The name "Israel" should be changed to "Judah."

Page 31, Line 10 & 11: should read:
"Therefore a physical return to Jerusalem has already occurred."

Page 33,
For further clarification, this sentence should be included at the end of the 1st sentence. "...God's Kingdom is in the world but it is not of the world."

Page 34,  Fourth sentence of the second full paragraph.
Remove "and the Jews of the Bible were," and replace it with the single word  "was"

Page 35, In the paragraph beginning with "Esau, the brother of.........." the second and third sentences should read: 
"The only people called Jews in the Old Testament came through the physical bloodline of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob's two sons Judah and Benjamin. They were (as were many others) called Hebrews or Israelites prior to God calling them Jews." 

Page 35, The word Jewish, in the third sentence of the last paragraph should be replaced with Israelite, and read:
"Later in the Israelite lineage, Ruth........"

Page 36. The entire last paragraph should be removed.

Chapter 6 - Page 38. Second paragraph, first sentence & third paragraph first sentence:

The word "Jewish" should be replaced with "Israelites."

Chapter 8 - Page 45. Second to the last sentence:

The name "Israelites" should precede the name "Jews", and read as: ......."God had the Israelites and Jews keep and record genealogies."

Chapter 9 - Page 49.

First sentence:

Replace "the Jews" with, "some of the descendents of Israel".

Second paragraph, first sentence. Delete the entire sentence and replace it with:

In the Old Testament many Israelites were called "God's chosen people." They were chosen to be in covenant with God to:

Chapter 10 - Page 52.

Last paragraph, first sentence:

Replace the word Jewish with Hebrew.

Page 53.

Note on 2nd & 3rd paragraph:

The Arc of the Covenant was removed by God approximately 600 years earlier when the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem and destroyed the first Temple. 

Page 54.

First sentence:

Remove the words "the Jewish religion of the past." and replace them with: "God's law prior to its corruption during their Babylonian enslavement."

Chapter 11 - Page 58.

Third paragraph, first sentence:

Remove the word "Israel's" and replace it with "Judah's."

Fourth Paragraph, second sentence:

Remove the word "Israel" and replace it with "Judah."

Last sentence:

Remove the word "Israel" and replace it with "Judah."

Chapter 13 - Page 65.

First paragraph, last sentence; remove the words: "and therefore one of God's people,”

Remove the entire last paragraph. Reason: nowhere in the Bible does it state that God blesses those who bless Israel. See page 12

Chapter 15 - Page 71

The name Joseph Garbles is misspelled; it should be Goebbels.

Chapter 16 - Page 76

Second paragraph, line 6: change the name Israel to Judah.

Third paragraph, line 3: change the name Israel's to Judah's.

Page 85

Second paragraph, line 10: strike out the words "the meaning of the Jewish age...." and replace them with "God's symbolic law, recorded through the Son's of Israel....."


Section 3.

Israel Oh Israel Where Art Thou?

102 Pages
Published 2008

Most American Christians are under the impression that the majority of the notable people in the Old Testament were Jews. We have always heard that and therefore never questioned it. Therefore far too many of us have embraced a Biblical "Jewish” identity that does not actually exist in God’s Word.

The truth is that God only begins using the name Jew near the end of the recorded Old Testament era. Therefore most of the Old Testament figures, including Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Saul, King David, etc, were not Jews. They were Hebrews or Israelites but not Jews.

This may seem as only minor semantics but it is far from it. Nothing is in scripture by accident, therefore if God doesn't call them Jews then we must not either. If we knowingly continue calling Biblical characters Jews, who were not Jews, we are then sinning by adding and changing God's word! 

Through these misconceptions we have embraced lies and thought we were on a solid Biblical foundation. We have then filtered our theology through these lies and from that created much false doctrine (Two examples: God's word does not say that "God will bless those who bless Israel," and nowhere will we find where "Jews are God's chosen people.").

If you are a Christian teacher or  leader, you need to read this book.

Israel Oh Israel Where Art Thou? is a book for those seeking truth in today’s world. Much foolishness is being taught and spread in too many Christian churches across America, and as a nation we are paying the price for it. As the author states on the back cover; this book will hopefully open the Church’s eyes and free our spiritual leaders from focusing and teaching the satanic deception of what is called end time prophecy. Worship of the modern nation called Israel is the key cornerstone of this deception, but modern Israel is just another nation among many in God’s eyes; it is no more special than any other.

Most of the nations currently in the Middle East were founded in the early part of the 20th century, and this includes the modern nation of Israel. Shortly after this new Israel was founded the American Christian Church began to hold it up as something special in God’s eyes; eventually it became the form of idol worship that we see today. America is currently at a spiritual crossroad and we are potentially headed for some very serious problems. None of this happened overnight, America has been progressively degrading ever since the American Christian Church started worshiping modern Israel as an idol. The Christian Church in America should be fighting America's moral battles but instead we are embracing a defeatist, escapist attitude, thinking that we are currently living in the End Times and will soon be Raptured out of this sinful world. America’s problem is a spiritual problem but until our spiritual leaders purge themselves of this idol worship, and stop teaching these end time fairy tales, we will continue to decline.

The Back Cover wording:

“The American Christian Church has become mentally drunk with what is called End Times Prophecy and its deceptive lies, and as with all spiritual lies, the ramifications of it are very serious. Too many Christians are living this end-time deception instead of confronting the satanic influence that is sweeping our nation. America has been steadily declining as the Church dwells on this foolishness; if the Christian Church does not wake up and start fighting America’s spiritual battles we are headed for very serious problems regarding our religious freedoms.

The anti-God, anti-Christian movement in America is rapidly progressing. God is no longer welcome in our schools and the latest minting of the one dollar coin is a further example. The long standing words “In God We Trust,” for years prominently displayed on the face of our coins, has now been moved to small print along the edge. Laws directly opposing Christians, the Bible, and God’s moral standards are not far behind. When lies such as those in dispensational eschatology permeate the Church, the Church is then following Satan, the father of lies, instead of God’s truth.

Israel Oh Israel Where Art Thou? is a book that will hopefully open the Church’s eyes and free our spiritual leaders from focusing and teaching this deception. Let us pray that this awakening occurs before it is too late and we, along with future generations, pay the price for allowing Satan’s to guide the Church’s thoughts and actions of today.”



Chapter  1: Parables, Symbolism, Metaphors and God’s Word.
Chapter  2: Replacement Theology and Dispensational Eschatology
Chapter  3: The Prophecy Booksellers
* Chapter  4: How the Prophecy Booksellers Affect America and The Church *
Chapter  5: Modern Israel is not the Rebirth of Old Testament Israel
Chapter  6: Modern-day Jews
Chapter  7: The Creation of Modern-day Israel
Chapter  8: Are We All Descendants of Ancient Israel?
Chapter  9: God’s Chosen People in the Old Testament
Chapter 10: God’s Principal: First in the Physical, Then in the Spiritual
Chapter 11: The Arc of the Covenant and the Physical Symbolism in Ancient Judaism
Chapter 12: A Remnant of Israel
Chapter 13: The True Jew – the Christian Church is the Spiritual Israel of Today
Chapter 14: Messianic Judaism – a Christian Cult?
Chapter 15: Dispensational Eschatology: Satan’s Deception
Chapter 16: Fallacies Imbedded in Dispensational Eschatology


End Notes

* A poem from the end of chapter four:

From Kinsey & Pomeroy our sexual revolution grew
But bigotry and deception were all that they knew
No Jews, Blacks or Christians needed apply
Today through their records we know why
Pedophile was Kinsey and Pomeroy a gay
No wonder moral standards are in a mess today

Moral standards they are in steady decline
The lower they go the longer the lines
Where women were once for men to adore
Now called in Rap music a bitch or a whore

The disease they catered and let to spread
A protected epidemic is where it led
The money from Gays drove the Political Party
As AIDS killed millions once strong and hardy

The Catholic Church a guide for many
Changed their priestly standards to allow any
The Twentieth Century when about half way
They trained young priests even those openly gay
Now they pay the price as did many young boys
Will we learn a lesson from the gay agenda and their ploys?

Murder funds the politician’s blunder
They call abortion a right to kill and plunder
Where children’s deaths once brought our tears
At political conventions it now bring cheers

A pagan religion now drives the land
Bugs and reptiles are now above man
No country can thrive with laws such as this
Only third world nations are where they exist

America once taught "in God we Trust"
Until evolution upon us was thrust
Now our schools give pseudo-science its way
Life evolved on its own from mindless matter they say

Our children worship earth day and go to hug trees
But in school they had better not pray on their knees
We now drug our young boys to keep them calm
In their future will they act more like a dad than a mom?

Civil liberty screams the ACLU
But the lawsuits they file are not Red, White & Blue
They yell “separate the Church and State!”
But the Christian God is what they really hate

Spiritual leadership is seldom heard
Political correctness suppresses their word.
Too many obsessed with a Rapture I’d say
Instead of confronting what's happening today

Where the Church once was our Salt & Light
Now lies have drained us of our might
 As the American Church in the 50's changed
Judeo-Christian became our name
Zionist Israel we began to revere
And shed our blood on lands they have near

That they're a Godless group is easy to see
Cuz Jesus told it to you and me
You reject the Father when you reject the Son
And that's exactly what the Jews have done   
The religion that spits on The Son Of God
We now revere and give them our nod.

What guided our nation is now pushed to the rear
Spiritual leaders now cower in fear.
Preachers tickle their congregations’ ears
Losing tax exemptions fuels their fears.

Where our Christian leaders once led the fight
Now they sing and shake hands in their meetings at night.
If “Praise the Lord” and “Hallelujah” is all we shall hear,
Then like Jews in the Third Reich our freedoms disappear.