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Have I become your enemy by telling you the truth? Galatians 4:16

What is this site about?

This site was established as an informational source for those, in the Western Christian Church, who are willing to examine their beliefs regarding the Jews of the Bible. Moreover, how lies and misinformation has affected the Church and therefore the entire world.
In our Christian self-righteousness we often think we, and especially our leaders, are walking in purity with God's Word, but in many ways we are no different than those who blindly follow the rhetoric dogma of the religious cults.
In some very important areas, Biblical truth, preached and taught in the Western Christian Church, has become corrupted. Therefore we are sinning greatly and are in desperate need of repentance. Moreover, a large part of America's and Europe's steady decline is a result of this deceptive sin.

Over the years the Western Christian Church has created and embraced a false Jewish identity that does not exist in God's word, the Bible. From this we have welcomed into our midst the spirit of antichrist (1 John 2:22 and other verses) and what God calls the "Dominion of Satan (Acts 26:17-18)." This is more than just a simple theological error, through this lie we have welcomed the worst sin possible into the Church today.


Although the seeds for this lie began more than 160 years ago, it has increasingly grown since the formation of modern Israel in 1948, and is now an entrenched, unquestioned doctrine embraced and spread by far too many leaders of the Western Christian Church. 

More and more, over that same 70 + year period, we have filtered much of our theological teaching through these false Jewish concepts, and therefore, from our pulpits, books and classes, have ignorantly embraced and taught many lies as Biblical truth. To put it bluntly, much of what we have embraced and taught about Biblical Jews, Modern Jews, and Modern Israel, has been a lie, and as God's word tells us "lies are of the Devil.".

The Christian Church should be the Salt & Light of America, Europe, and the world, but we have become drunk with the sin of idol worship, and false dogma, as we reverence modern Israel, modern Jews and modern Judaism. You may disagree, however, if you are willing to honestly examine what is presented on this site, while checking to see if it is true, you will then only be able to conclude that we, as a Church, are currently embracing a huge Jewish based lie. 

This sin needs to be purged out of the Church if we are to ever again become a strong influence; the Salt & Light for our nations and the world; this also includes Israel and those who are deceived in the religion called modern Judaism (Let's not forget that religious Jews also need the salvation offered by, and through, Jesus).

This site is for those who are deeply concerned about the declining influence of the Christian Church in America and the Western World and who are willing to consider at least one reason why this decline is occurring. This site is also for those Christians (and non-Christians) who wish to know the truth of who the Jews of the Bible actually were, and Biblically who they are today.

This is not an anti-Semitic site. Therefore if you came here carrying a hatred for all those with a Jewish identity, and hope to further that hatred with information from this site, there is nothing here for you.

On the other hand, this site is not a cowardly, passive, politically correct Christian site. It is for those Christians who hate lies and deception, and are bold enough to embrace only Biblical Truth even when doing so causes disapproval, or even rejection by their Christian peers. 

Truth often hurts, but Jesus is Truth (John 14:6) and therefore Truth is the ultimate expression of love. God loves all people, even those who reject Jesus and erroneously claim to be the unbroken direct descendents of Biblical Jews.

Therefore, are you willing to stand up for God's Truth? (3rd John 4)

When a true follower of Jesus learns the truth they must not shirk back to the lies they once embraced. They must be willing to risk ridicule, rejection, popularity, finances, and sometimes even their lives, to defend and act upon God's truth. Those who follow lies will oppose the truth, and as God's Word says; lies of the Devil. However, Truth will ultimately rise up because it cannot be changed by government dictates, or even the opinion of religious leaders.

For those who are faithful to follow God's commandment which says; "Examine everything carefully hold fast to that which is good." May the Holy Spirit be with you as you begin your journey in furthering your expansion of Truth. 


This site is for all Christians, young and old, but it is probably easier for younger Christians to learn the truths presented here. Too many older Christians, including, and especially, seminary-schooled Pastors, often refuse to acknowledge the lies that have become entrenched in their beliefs. Unfortunately, for most people, false religious dogma does not die easily, but in the end it is Truth that saves us, not a zealous adherence to a false doctrine or the traditions of men. Moreover, truth should never be suppressed because it offends us; truth does not change by our emotional response to it.

Figuratively, the Western Christian Church has a rope around its neck that is being tightened more, and more every day (See page 24). With that our religious freedoms are disappearing rapidly. Many of our most notable Christian leaders, whether intentionally or just out of ignorance, obviously have not been leading us totally in God's truth or we would not be where we are today. Therefore, if you care about your religious freedoms, and your freedom in general, you cannot ignore the sin that is being exposed in this site. (Lamentations 5:1-2  &  Lamentations 5:7)   


Jesus is Truth and Truth is free for the taking. Moreover, actual Truth cannot be copyrighted because it comes from God.

Therefore, the spiritual truths conveyed here belong to the reader just as much as they belong to the authors; anyone can take them as their own.  

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