The links listed here are for knowledge enhancement only.
By listing a link we are not stating that we agree with everything the site contains.
Therefore use your discretion to determine what is accurate information and what is not.

Bible reference sites:

E - Sword  (A great free Bible resource site)

Bible On One Page (excellent Bible reference site) 

Other sites of interest:

Jews & Judaism:

M. Hoffman - Revisionist History

An American Jew in racist Israel (Written in 1985 by Jack Bernstein)

The Myth of a Judeo-Christian Tradition

Judaism 101


How The ADL Wants To Outlaw Christians


Truth about Talmud

Come & Hear About The Talmud

Political News on Israel & Zionism

Brother Nathaniael

Some may find the Brother Nathaniael site too aggressive for their taste, however, if you ignore the somewhat "in your face" delivery style, and focus on the message(s), they do raise many interesting points. For a Christian who is interested in learning about Israel & Judaism today, these are worth checking out.

For most American Christians these will be very enlightening videos. Take the time to watch them all; even though you may not agree with everything in them.


Nathaniael videos. "Why I left Judaism"  

Zionism for Dummies

Christian Zionism - The deception & tragedy 

The short version (3 min) You Tube

The Idol Worship of Israel  (a blatant example of Christian Zionism)

(Israel is a nation that spits on the name of Jesus and has never allowed open Christian evangelizing) 

​The international Christian Embassy Jerusalem

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