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Page 3.        Introduction.  -- What is this site about?   
Page 4.      Test - A Bible reality test for American Christians. Do you really know who the                      
                  Jews of the Bible were? Take this short test and see.

Page 5.       Ok, so what? What difference does it make who the Jews of the 
Bible were?

Page 6.        What is anti-Semitism? Moreover, is this site anti-Semitic?

Page 7.        Who are the
descendants of Ancient Israel today?

Page 8.        Who are Modern-day Jews? Do American Christians really know?

Page 9.        What is modern Judaism?

Page 10.      The Jewish Talmud.  A racist, hate-mongering, and blasphemous set of books.   

Page 11.      Is it illegal for Christians to evangelize in Israel?

Page 12.      What promises did God actually make to Abraham? - Very important - 
Key to understanding what God promised. 
Page 13.      Jews and Romans: 9 - 11

Page 14.      Jerusalem and the Bible

Page 15.     The Judeo-Christian Blasphemous Lie

Page 16.     Are Jews the apple of God's eye?

Page 17.     Who were the Jews of the Bible? Do most Christians actually know? 

Page 18.     Wall Street Journal
full page ad supporting Israel. May 2011

Page 19.     Replacement Theology? No, Fulfillment Theology!

Page 20.     Facts Regarding the Name Jew in the Bible

Page 21.     Have Arabs and Jews actually been fighting for over 4000 years? Are Arabs actually the 
descendents of Ishmael? 

Page 22.    A CALL TO ACTION

Page 23.    The Biblical Jewish era. When did it begin? When did it end? and What did it mean?

Page 24.    Jesus & Christianity are becoming banned In Politically Correct America!

Page 25.    Links 

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This web site was originally created to enlighten Christians on who the Jews of the Bible were and therefore dispel the numerous misconceptions and lies that have crept into the Western Christian Church. The previous pages focus mostly on that subject. However, to correct the insidious lies, that are now so entrenched in the Western Christian Church, we must also include additional information on Zionism, Modern Israel, Current Judaism, and the Jews of today. The following pages address those subjects. 

Page 26...     Test # 2 - How much do you know about Jews and Judaism today?  

Page 27.       My Pastor Says this web site is full of lies.

Page 28.       The Sin of Christian Zionism

Page 29.       Jewish Rabbi's Hate Christians

Page 30.       Free Book ... Israel oh Israel Where Art Thou?

Page 31.       End Times Prophecy, aka Dispensational Eschatology 


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