The term Judeo-Christian

The term Judeo-Christian is not a Biblical term and is not found anywhere in the God's Word, The Bible.

Many people use the term Judeo-Christian only to signify that Christianity and Judaism, both old and current Judaism, have many common moral values. Even though that is true, Christians still must not join the two names together, since that same moral argument could also be used to join Christianity to many of the cults, or even Islam. Therefore, would Christians ever accept the name, or use the term, "Islamo-Christian," "Mormon-Christian," or any other hyphenated non Christian name? Hopefully no!


Christianity did not grow out of the Biblical religion called Judaism, that was based on ancestral traditions (Gal 1:14),  and the doctrines of men (Mat 15:9). Moreover, as the apostle Paul stated; he, (and others) with the blessings of, and under the authority of the Jewish leaders, and what the Bible calls Judaism, persecuted the Church and tried to destroy it (Gal 1:13).  Judaism, at the time of Christ, was an antichrist religion (1 John 2:22 & 1 John 4:3) denying Jesus as the Messiah and trying to destroy Christianity.......and the antichrist definition still still applies to the religion called Judaism today.   

Christianity and Judaism are diametrically opposed to one another. Christianity recognizes Jesus as God in the flesh, while Judaism opposes Jesus's deity entirely; even Islam respects Jesus more than does Judaism (Islam considers Jesus as a prophet of God, however as only a prophet, not the Jesus of the Bible who is God in the flesh). Moreover, Judaism, as with many other non-Christian religions, base their after death relationship with God (if they even believe in life after death) on their personal earthly works, not on the salvation that God Himself provided. Those are very important differences that a true  Christian can not ignore, however, many do, including the majority of Western Christian pastors

Therefore the term Judeo-Christian is a hyphenated blasphemous misnomer that, once a Bible believing Christian becomes informed, should never again join together as one.

The term Judeo-Christian is not a Biblical term, moreover, Christianity did not grow or come out of Judaism; at least not as it is commonly perceived. Faith in the Messiah Jesus, who fulfilled God's symbolic Old Testament Law, is the foundation of Christianity, not the corruption of God's Law that was and is 
currently called Judaism. Christianity was not and is not founded on the religion that Jesus called "the precepts of men." 

It appears that the term Judeo-Christian was first emphasized in the 1800's but did not gain common usage until the latter half of the 20th century. It
can therefore be stated that Judeo-Christian is a secular term the origins of which are certainly not from God but rather from the precepts of men.

There is also a
common misconception that what is called Judaism began with Abram/Abraham but that is not true.
However it is true that much of the foundation for understanding the salvation for all men, that the Messiah Jesus accomplished on the Cross, began with Abram/Abraham. The metaphor example for Christianity began with Abraham’s faith, trust, and obedience to God and his symbolic sacrifice of his son Isaac (symbolic because God provided the actual sacrifice; Gen 22:13).

Some people erroneously consider 
Romans 11:17-20 as indicating that a non-Jew becomes grafted into Judaism when they are saved, 
however when read carefully it becomes obvious that is not what it is saying. What Romans is saying is that the Jews were broken off from the root (the root being God/Jesus, John 15: 5-6) because of their unbelief, and by faith all believers have been grafted in. It is true that the Israelites are called the first branches, but their descendants, who were later called Jews, were also the ones who were first broken off.

Therefore believers are not grafted into Judaism but into the presence, the salvation of God, Jesus. Judaism was broken off, destroyed and burned as prophesied in 
Isaiah 27:11. The formal, ritualistic, Judaism of the Bible is no longer in the world and it will never return (see 
section titled "What is modern Judaism"). 

​Moreover, modern Judaism (as well as the Judaism of the Bible) rejects Jesus as God, therefore Judaism embraces and worships a different god than Christianity. That factor alone should preclude any Christian from ever using the term Judeo-Christian in reference to their faith.    


Now whenever you hear the blasphemous name Judeo-Christian, use it as a reminder to:

1. Inform Christians of the Truth.


2. To pray that those following modern Judaism (religious Jews) come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

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